Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Weekly Writing Challenge

A fun exercise to sharpen the writing brian...erm brain...and prepare for the forthcoming Level 2 Open University course, starting in October 2011.
Week 1: Write a poem, 40 lines or less, on the subject of brutality.
Cheryl Hunt has shoes made by Jimmy Choo in L.A.,
She says they're worth at least a few thousand pounds.
John Morris has headphones made from gold and silver,
Reproducing the best 3D, sweet, sensual sounds.
Now...while I'm the last to moan, or whinge, or whine,
About crap shoes from Matalan for £9.99,
You can't deny the true, virtual reality,
That, quite simply Mother; this is sheer brutality.
Tommy Chang flew first-class from London to Barbados,
And told everyone he got very drunk on champagne.
Emma Robbins has huge stables, with fifteen horses,
Plus a pony she once let me sit on, in the rain.
Now...while I'm the last in my class who seeks to impress,
Three weeks in Barbados beats a weekend in Skegness.
I'll e-mail UNICEF to stop this insanity,
Unless you agree to end this sheer brutality.


  1. I loved this, Kev! I'm really pleased that we've all interpreted 'Brutality' differently.
    A very apt poem; considering the current 'want it all' society!

  2. Brilliant! Really made me laugh. x

  3. Absolutely brilliant Kev :)