Monday, 8 August 2011


Because I am daft and have totally forgotten how to edit existing posts, I just wanted to state that the two previous posts were written some time ago, but not as yet put on here. This could be because my life has been so hectic and busy, what with flying all over the world being a superhero and spy, that I haven't got around for it because I've been foiling diamond thieves in Casablanca and thwarting Godzilla off the coast of Brighton.
Alternatively, it could be because I forgot my password to get onto this site...and maybe even forgot the name of the site altogether. The fact that it took a good hour to remember how to publish a document may also have entered the equation...although I like to think that I was just too busy fighting crime and the many evils that pervade our wonderful world...and not just a bit thick when it comes to remembering things.
'Study' is from notes made in August 2009, while 'T189' was written at the end of January, 2010.

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