Monday, 2 September 2013


I just found out about the Bohemia challenge for September, 2013 - basically a photographic prompt is given each day and the challenge is to create a piece of flash fiction (around 100 words) or a poem to accompany the image.

I really need this at the moment as 
my creative motivation could use all the help it can get.  So hopefully I'll end this month with 30 pieces of new writing, from which I can maybe smooth a few out towards greater and grander things.

Photograph -  c. David Vale

Ferris Wheel.

‘Oh don’t worry, it’ll be great,’ says Dad,
‘it goes up over two hundred feet,
I hear that right at the top it’s not so bad
and you can see the Co-Op on the corner of our street,
and won’t it be just wonderful to be way up high,
surprising all the birds swooping round us in the sky?’
But I’m more worried about showering poor spectators
with portions of my breakfast bacon, sausage and potatoes.

‘For God’s sake George!’ screams out my Mother,
‘Bobby really doesn't want to go up there,
I feel a pinch from my smirking brother;
Dan’s been up four times and doesn't care.’
Dad just does his act of pretending to be deaf
and when we’re locked in tight he smiles instead...
a poor, short-lived smile, soon to die a terrible death,
when my former full-sized breakfast lands squarely on Dan’s head.

© Kev Milsom (2013)


  1. Haha I read 'potatoes' as 'pataters'! Darn West country accent coming back ;) This is great, Kev, look forward to seeing 29 more!

  2. Many thanks. :D Looking forward to reading everyone else's too.