Sunday, 8 September 2013


The angle of the photo reminded me of a child's viewpoint.

Photograph copyright David Vale.

Hide & Seek

I bet she’s reached to fifty now...
or maybe even sixty now…
Dear God I promise to kiss a cow
if she finds me hiding here.

I saw the way she smiled at me
as she turned her face towards the tree;
I bet she was peeping secretly.
Oh please come find me here!

Please don’t find Anthony Green,
He’s loud and bad and rude and mean,
plus his snot-filled nose is never clean.
Hurry up and find me here!

Anthony’s shouts and happy cheers
alert my heart to darkest fears,
it’s fine…just fine…there’ll be no tears.
But why couldn't she find me here?

Now we’ll never dance on meadow grass,
or hold hands tight during English class,
or laugh till we cry when I pass gas.
If only she’d found me here.

© Kev Milsom (2013)