Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Another tough challenge as nothing immediately leaped out at me, but with the aid of strong tea and plenty of salt & vinegar crisps, some inspiration finally began to kick in.  It's rough as sandpaper and untitled, but just enough for me to get some firm foundations for the beginning of an idea.  :)

Photo © Cassie Tillett

Last week you saw me by our caravan.
Lost within, your waterfall eyes caught briefest sight;
a simple pigeon’s gaze, locked still with yours,
for fleeting moments bathed in dawn’s gold light.
Just enough for you to register;
just enough for you to notice me there.

Friday found us in the park together –
You - sat upon our bench with mournful frown,
Me – stock still beside the litter bins
Hoping you would glance sweet, blue eyes down.
Enough for you to register;
enough for you to notice me there.

Next day I wait by our library,
as you trudged the mile there with books unread;
rage towards a God who causes heartache,
tempered slightly as you found my gaze instead.
Enough for you to register;
enough for you to notice me there.

Today, I've chose to stand right here.
A few more seconds till you leave our house;
mind locked upon our fondest farewell,
whispered promises to my soul-shared spouse;
enough that you might register,
enough for you to know I am there.

© Kev Milsom (2013)

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