Monday, 16 February 2009

Home Education

This is what I does be doin and I has been doing it for neerly ten ears becoz I can teach my kids good and then they can be klevers, like wot I is.

Bad humour aside, the initial reasons for home education are often founded from negative experiences, and I guess it was largely for those unpleasant reasons that I decided to shun the current education system in England and wade out into an alternative system of education for our daughters.

It will be ten years this Autumn, and do I regret it?...Nope...not for a single moment. In fact this is probably the best decision I ever made in life and I'd do it all over again. Being a part of your childrens' education...learning alongside them, so that you also grow as an individual...just simply priceless.

Both our daughters have experienced mainstream school, which I think is important...but, at the end of the day, I know exactly what they are learning, and how they are learning it. I know that there are no restrictions on what they can, or cannot learn, and more importantly, so do they. They are aware of the world, and most importantly of their own English culture and history. They are not put onto 'dumb tables', nor made to feel that there is anything in life realistically outside of their understanding or potential mastery. They're treated like adults and respond as such. They are under no pressure to 'perform', to suit ridiculous education league tables, imposed by a government that simply does not have a clue and continues to ruin our national education system - once the envy of the little more than a tragic joke.

Most importantly, we laugh. We have a blast and make learning it should be. Could I do this in a class of 30-35 disruptive kids in a mainstream school? Nah, probably not...nor would I really want to teach any kids who simply didn't want to learn about life, and explore everything around them with open minds and hearts. I think that would likely be a complete waste of time...I just feel sorry that there are many good, hardworking kids in schools across the land who won't be able to get the education they need, because of a few moronic and disruptive classmates, an education system that really doesn't work as it should and teachers who are under a mountain of pressure to perform, against ridiculous and unfair odds.

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