Sunday, 15 February 2009


Cornwall...the most southwesterly county in England, and - trivia/anorak/nerd fact #1 - the only English county to only border one other.
Land of Arthurian legend, mystery and delicious cream teas. (More on cream teas to come, I'm sure...much more).
Having visited Cornwall now for some years, there isn't much of it I haven't gazed at/driven past/waved or whistled at/eaten my way through.

The British weather has been rather unkind to it in recent years, but it is still a favourite place to be...probably due to the many, quiet beaches and the oh-so rare sight for us Brits of clear, blue water - occasionally warm and inviting...especially if our traditional two weeks of Summer sunshine is kind and merciful.
Has the nastiest seagulls I've ever seen at St. Ives...real bruising, Conan The Barbarian type birds...who just swoop down and take what they want from the hands of unsuspecting tourists.

Saw my first dolphin here.
Rode my first horse here.
Would live here if I could afford to.
One fine day, when I finally get around to winning the lottery, then I shall.

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