Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Haiku Rumba

With my lifelong and effortless sense of lousy timing, the exciting build up to the beginning of my university writing course has been somewhat overwhelmed by my body's insistence on failing dismally and being a pain in the...well, pain all over really.
Despite my selfish body and its fiendish plan to lay me low, I shall adopt a Tarzan attitude and swing back into action. I might be a little behind on the study path but with a cheery grin, some cleverly edited montage sequences over a 'Rocky'-style backing track, I'll soon be back in the game. Yo..etc.
To this end, I am finally getting around to the ancient Japanese form of Haiku...essentially a non-rhyming verse consisting of 17 syllables, in a three line format of 5-7-5 syllables.
I've not done one of these before, so I wrote out five at once, to get the general idea. Overall, I really like them as they make my brain fizz in rather pleasing directions.

Twirling, dancing leaf,
Spinning over next door's cat,
Heading south to York.

I swear I saw you.
A momentary glimpse,
I know it was you.

Cheese, banana, jam.
Stuffed into a sandwich.
I could be pregnant.

Listening to you.
Makes my heart go 'flitter-crash!'
This could be the one.

Precious, noble lives.
"Over the top!" The last words.
Death roared like a gale.

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