Thursday, 11 June 2009


To celebrate - or, upon reflection of England's woeful defeat to the mighty cricketing power that is The Netherlands, in the opening match - perhaps, to cast a respectful nod towards the 2009 Cricket 20/20 World Cup, which is currently being played out in England at the moment, I felt inspired to put font to monitor and compose something of a poetic nature.
I wandered for a while among the inner most tranquil meadows of my mind...scoured half-hidden rockpools of inspiration, tucked away behind beaches that swept majestically towards the most illuminating of golden a search to produce something that would speak to the nation...dammit, the world, and make 6 billion people think, 'Wow! That guy just nailed cricket in a few lines with an eruption of breath-taking talent, never to be repeated in the history of all time!'...
After a good 45 seconds of trying this, I stopped being so damn grown up, and instead of staring philosophilcally at the rockpools, with what I hoped was an intelligent posture, I jumped into them and splashed around for all I was worth, while making as many childish noises as I could think of.
The upshot of my simplistic splashings was delightfully silly, and therefore most worthy of repitition.
Brownie, the happy, young bulldog
Wore a very loud, orange hat.
One day he met young mr Frederick Frog
Who was carrying a cricket bat.
"Hello there, Brownie" said Frederick Frog,
"How nice to see you today!"
And he smiled sweetly as he asked the dog,
"Would you like to come for a play?"
"Good morning, my little green buddy!"
Said a deep voice from under the hat,
"The green grass in the park is quite muddy,
But I'm not too bothered about that.
I'm a little bit tired and not feeling bright
But I'll come for a game in the park,
I was up chasing 'cat's eyes' all through the night,
They're easier to see in the dark."
"Can I please play too?" Asked a hedgehog,
Whose name was Prickly Paul,
"Why, of course!" Said Frederick and Brownie Dog,
"You'd be perfect to use as a ball!"
So Brownie batted and Paul was the ball
And they played and had hours of fun.
"It's great to have friends and feel special!" thought Paul,
As he flew over the trees for six runs.
So, it's important to feel that we're wanted...
And having good friends is real cool...
But never be bullied, teased or taunted,
And try not to be used as a ball.

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