Sunday, 31 May 2009

Interesting Socks of the Month - May, 2009.

For roughly half the world - give or take a few hundred million or so, now is the time when layers of heavy duty cable knitwear, and thermal underwear, come sliding off, as we turn our faces to the brighter, bluer skies and welcome the onset of Summer.
Miserable cries and woeful shouts of shivering through the long Winter months are replaced promptly by cheery smiles of joy...which usually last for about a day and a half, before being replaced by miserable cries and woeful shouts of sweltering under the dire heat and feeling oppressed by the mugginess.
The office - a haven of warmth and security in the dark Winter months, now becomes the last place we want to be, as we slowly simmer and seriously consider selling our grannies for an overpriced soft drink and a nice cool breeze.
However...despite the heavy chances of ignoring all safety advice or simple common sense, and burning our skin to a crisp inside a long afternoon...I think it fitting to look fondly towards the oncoming months...or about a week and a half if you live in Britain...of Summer and welcome them in with a pair of summery, cheery sockwear.
These happy-go-lucky socks sure brighten up any day - regardless of mugginess levels or lack of a decent breeze.
Perfect for the beach...or simply reclining with a loved one of your choosing at some outdoor location, such as a picnic or BBQ...although naturally for health and safety reasons the picnic would be the best option. 8/10. ********--

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